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An Heroic Ministry
Introducing Pastor Steven from Rwanda:

Pastor Steven

Pastor Steven Turikunkiko has set up a community in Rwanda for victims of the genocide. 160 widows & teenagers & 80 younger children live with him; farming, sharing their lives and caring for those dying from AIDS. The community subsists on less than $1 per person per day.

At enormous personal sacrifice, Pastor Steven and his wife have also adopted 20 orphans - who live with them and their 2 other children.

For more information on Steven and this incredible community of hope, click here


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Remember Refugee Week

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Refugee Week

June 15-21 is Refugee Week in Australia. The theme is 'A Place to Call Home' and it co-incides with World Refugee Day, which is on June 20.

Refugee Week is being co-ordinated by the Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA), which provides information and advocacy for refugees in Australia. It is a non-profit organisation, not part of the Australian government. RCOA work with other agenices and individuals in putting Refugee Week together; and has been doing this since 1986.

If you want more information abou the Week, go to the RCOA page that gives details.

Will you be involved in Refugee Week? If you are not in Australia, how about involving your young people on World Refugee Day on June 20? It is a crucial issue - and young people need to be mobilised in prayer and understanding about this issue...