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An Heroic Ministry
Introducing Pastor Steven from Rwanda:

Pastor Steven

Pastor Steven Turikunkiko has set up a community in Rwanda for victims of the genocide. 160 widows & teenagers & 80 younger children live with him; farming, sharing their lives and caring for those dying from AIDS. The community subsists on less than $1 per person per day.

At enormous personal sacrifice, Pastor Steven and his wife have also adopted 20 orphans - who live with them and their 2 other children.

For more information on Steven and this incredible community of hope, click here


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clouds Aren't we all supposed to be un-ordinary as we serve an extraordinary God?

This question evolved during an e-conversation with a friend and I realised that while I profess that I will be bold and courageous in my service for God with my mouth, my heart had declined an invitation to the feast of promise. Mike Weaver echoes this sentiment succinctly in his song, ‘For Who you are’: “It’s seems too high, for me to reach, to wrap my mind around the mystery, that who You are, so constantly, is who You’re making me to be.”

All my life, I have been trained to perform. “You want to be a writer? Why not go into IT? That’s where the money is.” “Just be grateful for where you are, don’t reach too high, don’t stretch too far. Don’t rock the boat.” So here we all sit in this crowded, disease-infested, negativity touting boat of survivors, waiting for the next new wave to take us to our destination. Yet because there is no captain, no clear leader, no vision, no purpose, no life; we are driven deeper into the abyss of mediocrity. Everything surrounding us feeds into a vicious dog-eat-dog mentality, we get chewed up by the lies and regret but hold on for dear life because we don’t want to be spat out into uncertainty.

Then one day, even in the midst of our perpetual pain, we hear the whisper from the Creator of our hearts: “I have not made you a land lover. I placed a roaring, sea-faring cry for adventure into your spirit. Fear will tie you down to captivity and bring about death – death of your dreams, death of your hope, death of your God-given purpose. It is the connection to My heart that you need to resuscitate your life, it is the unshakable, unwavering truth of my Love that sets you free. You can only truly come alive in Me.”

And so we have a choice. A destiny-choice, an either life-will-never-be-the-same again or life-will-never-change decision that stretches far beyond next week or five years from now. It reaches into the unseen realms of eternity. These inevitable questions then arise: “Do I dare? Do I dare to believe that I can really, truly launch out into destiny, purpose, meaning, joy? Am I willing to pay the price of dying to self, of laying down my life and taking up my cross?”

I finally realised that even though I was trying to impress God with everything I was trying to do for Him, I was only really fooling myself and running out of steam – like the little engine who thought she could but had to admit that she really couldn’t by herself. When I finally came to my end, that’s the place where God could eventually begin to work through me.

The delays in our lives are caused not so much by God holding out on us because He likes to watch us squirm (He takes no pleasure in that!) but rather determined by our level of surrender to the delicate work of moulding and shaping that He is doing in our hearts. Yes its painful but once the pruning is over we realise in amazement that God has liberated us from those very things that once had us so bound that we could not even see the chains.

No matter what the current condition of our hearts, God offers a divine trade in: 19 And I will give them singleness of heart and put a new spirit within them. I will take away their stony, stubborn heart and give them a tender, responsive heart, 20 so they will obey my decrees and regulations. Then they will truly be my people, and I will be their God. Ezekiel 11:19-20 (NLT)

Once we finally connect to our true identity in Christ, when we are hungry and thirsty for the all-satisfying Love of the Father, when we seek first the Kingdom of God, then, and only then, is the glory of God manifested in and through our lives, causing our new hearts to burst into song:

"You are the Lord, the Father of lights, you are God the keeper of my heart, and I'll praise you. You are the lover of my soul, you are the giver of the second start, and I'll priase you for who you are. And who you are does not rely on what I'm currently surrounded by...You're teaching me to fly, teaching me to fly so high." 'For who you are', Mike Weaver 


Cheryl Ramurath is South Africa's Purple Brain. You can read more of her devotional material and articles by logging on to